Wrapped with Care COMIC


When a mysterious gift appears under the Christmas tree, a happy couple is shocked to discover its contents of magical lingerie, able to transform them into huge, busty, Christmas bimbo sluts. They love it! The longer they wear it, the more aroused they get, and the more potent its abilities become, making them grow bigger and bigger, and bigger, changing them both into curvaceous lovers! Jam-packed from beginning to end with breast and ass expansion, futanari growth, bimbo transformation, and all the holiday sex you could shake a candy cane at, this is a one-shot you sure don’t want to miss.


This winter season and here at BotComics we start celebrating it early! So go ahead and snuggle up under a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy our latest comic! Packed with all the things you love like breast expansion, ass swelling, and room-filling bimbos, this special holiday issue is guaranteed to warm every part of you. What better way to usher in the holiday season than a couple of transforming love birds, graced with magical lingerie? The more aroused they become, the bigger they get! The bigger the presents, the better! From all of us here at BotComics, we’re wishing you a happy and safe festive season. Joy to the world!

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