The Legendary Tree of Paula Bunyan

Nate and Jen enjoy towering trees, nature's giants, but crossing paths with a legendary one might leave Jen towering also.



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Nate and Jen are like any other teenage couple their age. They are in love and carefree, currently on a date to a nature preserve to enjoy the majestic beauty of the towering trees. Jen has always been a lover of the trees and one tree particularly catches her eye.

While appreciating this giant tree among giants, Nate and Jen run across Harold Horatio, an old tree-hugger hippie type who warns them against carving initials into this massive tree. He tells them the legend of Paula Bunyan, wife of Paul Bunyan, whose final resting spot is where this tree grew. There are stories and then there is evidence as Harold tells the teens of another girl like Jen who let her love of this one tree push her into a risky situation, one where she ended up seeing things from a much higher perspective.

Will Nate and Jen believe Harold’s story, or is Jen too blinded by a passion for the trees that history is bound to repeat itself? Find out by discovering the Legendary Tree of Paula Bunyan.

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