The Mix Up of Incredibra Proportions!

A mix up of Incredibra's bra shipments causes various women to grow huge breasts and have an increased libido.


Incredibra is a profitable company run by the eccentric Ms. Chantelle. Incredibra’s top product is non other then the Incredribra. The Incredibra is a special bra that causes the wearers breast size to increase. In our sex focused society, the Incredibra sold well despite the Incredibra’s flaws. Those profitable times will not last, as tragedy strikes her company and threaten its very existence. Incredibra’s shipment of special bras got mixed up with a shipment of normal bras. Soon women will suddenly find their breasts growing to extreme levels. Ms. Chantelle, fearing the potential lawsuits, contacts a lawyer to defend her and the company from the coming storm.

Official Publisher's Review

Saget creates a new series based on a simple premise, a bra that makes breasts bigger. The author no doubt got this inspiration from wonderbras and their effect of making breasts appear bigger. The wonderbra effect is only superficial, so Saget took that concept to real levels with the Incredibra. The story already has plenty of great breast expansion that Saget is known for, and it is set up for many more breast expansion scenes to come.

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