Statue of Bimbala

A young archeologist discovers an ancient fertility statue that causes a magical transformation.


Jenna is a young archeologist who has been sent out with her professor to work on a digsite for an ancient tribe in Nigeria. Whilst digging and uncovering the located tribal site, she finds an old fertility statue hidden in a small wooden box. Upon inspection by her professor, the fertility statue is given to Jenna to continue to research and analyse back at the university. However, after spending several weeks working away at the mysterious idol, Jenna accidentally mutters the trigger word, causing the ancient power inside of the statue to begin her transformation into a fertile bimbo. After she finishes her transformation she gets a conviently-timed text from her ex-boyfriend, who she has a serious lust for and has also just split up with. However, her new bimbo urges make her turn up at her ex’s house, where they get to know each other some more.

Official Publisher's Review

The overall storyline is fairly simple, taking part in two different parts of the world. The first few pages are set in Nigeria at the digsite, where we are introduced to the main character Jenna and her professor. Once Jenna discovers the statue the story moves over to their university set in the U.S.A, where Jenna analyses and tries to discover more about the statue. She then accidentally says the trigger phrase, which calls upon the power of the ancient fertility god Bimbala. By calling upon this power Jenna recieves the blessing of this god and transforms into a bimbo. As this happens, she gets a text from her recently-split ex, Dan. After she finishes her transformation she visits her ex and gets it on with him. Jenna pre-transformation is confident, clever and fairly independent, whereas after her transformation she’s a horny, lust-filled seductress. However, she still has some sort of mind and personality about her, instead of being completely drained of IQ. Yet she can’t control herself due to the high amounts of hormones and dopamine in her blood. Dan and the professor are fairly two-dimensional characters that do not have a lot of depth. They only exist to serve a purpose as a way to further the plot and to provide some sort of sexual scene for Jenna.

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