ExpandCam: Clara’s Stream

Welcome to ExpandCam, the new webcam model service that gives the viewers the power to enlarge their favorite models live through donations.


This new series explores the story of Clara, a young, sassy, and beautiful uprising webcam model. She’s new to the whole ExpandCam community but lately, she’s been getting more attention due to the kinky shows she’s been putting. Come and join Clara’s Stream and watch her reach her goals and get bigger than ever before, live on ExpandCam.

Official Publisher's Review

Hi Botcomics readers! Let’s talk about this series. ExpandCam is the newest sensation on the internet! This new webcam model service is breaking a lot more than sales records worldwide, offering the viewers the chance to enlarge their favorite models live through donations. Each new goal reached unlocks a new expansion which takes place immediately in front of the whole chat room. This series offers a plethora of expansions such as good ol’ Breast Expansion, Ass Expansion, Vagina Expansion, Lip Expansion, Bimbofication, and much more. Follow the story of Clara, an uprising webcam model that’s about to crush the internet. Soon she’ll find herself buried under donations and her own boobs, but will she reach her final goal? Only one way to find out!

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  1. Hey i love drawings by Post, in my opinion the story is great but his artoworks were better. Any chance for more comics from him? Does he have website,deviantart,patreon or semothing?

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