Expanding the Case

Private dick Sam Spayed pumps a maid to determine her innocence or guilt.



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As far as private detectives go, they just don’t come like Sam Spayed, literally. He has an old nostalgic persona but he always gets to the truth, one way or another. Now he has been called in by his old childhood buddy Lyle, a man who even today enjoys his private mansion and success with an all female staff.

Lyle has had a case of theft though, a jewel heist, and someone on the inside helped out. Was it Jillian, the virginal looking maid who appears to know more than a thing or two about pleasing a man? Is she hiding something? These are the reasons Sam Spayed has been called in. He has a certain manner with the ladies himself, and he enjoys pumping a perp to determine their innocence or guilt.

Sam’s method of determining what Jillian is hiding might just leave the girl permanently top heavy and with a new addition nine months down the road, but Spayed always busts a case and this is one case he is looking forward to expanding.

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