Stream Famous

Nikki, a video game streamer, wishes to have curves to become popular. A random person in chat grants her wish.


Nikki, a skilled gamer, has been streaming for months and could never get viewers to be attracted to her stream. She vents to her loyal fan Kimmie about her skill not being enough and wishes to have curves and boobs like all the super popular female streamers have and constantly flaunt on stream. A random user in chat appears and offers Nikki to grow on stream. Nikki dismisses this as fake as the user insists he is serious. With a bit of skepticism and curiosity, Nikki accepts the user’s offer. Shortly afterward, her growing lips messes up her speech. Her nails grow and change color along with her hair. Then she finally gets the curves she wished for and the rapidly increasing viewers gets quite the show! Her loyal fan, however, gets extremely jealous of her friend’s newfound fame attempting to figure out how she got herself to grow.

Official Publisher's Review

Stream famous is the newest one-shot comic by SupremeD. It takes the current day issue of girl streamers and “other” streamers who do nothing but flaunt their curves on stream and turns it into such a great plot! The look and transition of the artwork feels just like those on the real streaming sites, so it feels like this can happen in real life! I don’t know what really causes the transformation, but it’s a good one! Even though it is featured on bimbo club and features a bimbofication sequence, we get quite a bit of breast expansion too! The lactation made it even better! The transformation starts off a little slowly, only focusing on non sexy parts like her hair, hands and feet, but when it does start, oh boy it takes off! The way she can’t contain herself and essentially puts on a cam show for her stream is just so hot! I hope Kimmie gets to grow too!

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