The Lucky Lady

The year is 1929. Pinkerton Detective Jack Archer is hired to take a new case: Investigate the whereabouts of Alice Caulfield, a spectacularly busty restaurateur.


It started as a simple case for detective Jack Archer; look into the whereabouts of a missing restaurateur. However, a world of mobsters, underground speakeasies and criminal intrigue seems to surround young Alice Caulfield. Stranger still is the matter of Alices bust; her staff and clientele all seem buxom beyond imagining. What started as a simple case for Jack proves to be anything but!

Official Publisher's Review

The Lucky Lady is writer SaburoX’s latest foray into breast expansion erotica. It follows in the footsteps of his previous BE Story Club entry, ‘A Pirate’s Life’, exploring another setting of decades past. This time, the hard boiled detectives, spunky flapper girls, and square jawed mobsters of 1920s prohibition come to life in a noir action-drama.

The writer’s usual style shines through; focusing on strong characterizations in an attempt to bring the story to life. Characters that begin as stock archetypes from Roaring Twenties fiction are given new life and nuance, and action sequences are underscored with a subtle sense of mystery. Dry humor abounds as characters trade quips and spar verbally in the old-timey slang of vaudeville and jazz. And of course, his predilection for breasts on the larger end of the expansion spectrum makes its return once again.

Fans of SaburoX’s previous works, the roaring twenties, or just big breasts growing even bigger, will not be disappointed.

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