Midnight Writer

Late at night, in the confines of her darkened bedroom, a writer gets to work, letting loose her erotic imagination.


To say that Ava has an actively imaginative sex life would be a gross understatement. Late at night, all alone, she types away at her computer, relishing in impossible pleasures that only her depraved mind can deliver. Ecstasy becomes her as she lives out the most fiendish fantasies, furiously typing away. Her fingers can’t keep up with her mischievousness, her devilish glee. The more aroused she becomes the more unhinged her fantasies are. Nothing is off-limits for her: elves, monsters, demons. The stranger, the better and she loves it all.

Tonight, she’s feeling particularly subservient and roguish, ready for some medieval-fantasy and abuse at the hands of two brutes. She wants her small-framed body to be pushed to its limits and to be transformed by the hands of evil. Over the years, she’s built up incredible stamina from her nightly ritual, orgasming until she loses consciousness, able to do it again and again. She’s a beast. She’s a poet. She’s an unstoppable force of creativity. She is the Midnight Writer.

Official Publisher's Review

Night after night, Trixie goes through her ritualistic sexual punishments, pushed to the limits by her cruel author. It isn’t that Ava’s particularly outlandish or sadistic. On the contrary, she’s actually one of the sweetest and most mild-mannered people you’d ever meet. It’s just that she’s so uncontrollably horny after the sun sets. For her, the best type of sexual gratification comes from her own fantasies, typing out strange and unearthly scenarios that flood her secretly-corrupted brain. Once she sits down at her computer and starts to put words to paper, there’s no stopping her. She will just keep on going, relentlessly masturbating while abusing her fictional alter ego. And it isn’t vanilla either. Monsters, tentacles, BDSM, it’s all fair play. Bring it on. She will delve into whatever risqué mood she’s in, not holding back. So all this begs the question: how dark can Ava be? What sort of pent-up imaginative stirrings is her mind conjuring up tonight? Just how far will unfortunate Trixie be tormented and transformed, forever at the hands of a creative and merciless fate? Find out for yourself in this smut-filled, hormone-induced, indecent, suggestive, improper, naughty, vulgar, obscene, lewd, off-color, X-rated, raunchy adventure. See for yourself just how bad little-miss-Ava, the Midnight Writer, can truly be!

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