Mother's Milk VIII Title

Mother’s Milk

When a mysterious company known as “Bust’n Out” delivers free samples to groups of milfs they live up to their name.


The Bust’n Out company is delivering a new strange product: a protein shake designed for new mothers to enhance their breast milk. This powerful experimental formula can change not only a new milf’s body but her mind as well.

Miles, the yoga instructor, thinks it’ll be just another normal exercise session with his women’s group. Elsewhere, Brian is reluctantly dragged to his new niece’s baby shower by his Aunt Parker. Later that week, Ariel, a parent instructor, attempts to teach her class on the proper techniques of swaddling an infant. But as each of these innocent victims will quickly discover, it will be anything other than a normal day once Bust’n Out is brought into the picture. Say goodbye to the sweet-natured moms, and hello to ravenous beauties, bent on fulfilling their recently acquired appetites for lust and pleasure.

Official Publisher's Review

In this new anthology by author DeLonge (Chloe’s Open House, Life Mutated, Captain Amour, among others) witness the rise to a new breed of super milfs, transformed and altered by a new distribution company called Bust’n Out. After being given free samples, new moms drink the seemingly innocuous protein shakes with the innocent assumption that the formula’s only designed for enhanced breast milk. But these bottles of miracle liquid hold something far, far more fantastic, as the moms quickly discover. No one around them is safe as they transform into hulking sex giants, consumed by fulfilling their every last carnal desire. The word milf doesn’t even begin to cover it. Discover for yourself the first three clinical trials and see what wonders can truly happen. What is the company’s ultimate goal? Who is in charge of it all? How wondrous and powerful can things evolve with Bust’n Out? Read to unveil the answers, and change yourself in the process.

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  1. Id be hyped for this chapter but ive got some major issues that need solving first:

    Where has the individual chapter selections gone? Clicking the link to comics gives you the full series page and nothing else, you used to be able to access and purchase comic chapters individually.

    And until my order history issue has been resolved really I have concerns about buying any new chapters.

      1. Hey can you guys change the User interface for this because I can’t read this issue and I already paid for it. Plus I can’t tell if I’m even logged in. Thanks.

          1. I hate to ask, but what did you guys gain from making your website worse in every conceivable way? You have to go fishing for individual issues, the cart interface is worse, and you still havnt restored people’s old purchases. If the answer is “we cant afford good web-services” then you may want to change your business model and stop hiring J.J to draw Waldo as the protagonist of half your comics.

          2. Hi! We are sorry for the delay adding your old purchases to your order history. They will be added today! Regarding the rest of the comments, we are aware of the different issues that worsen on this new version and we will fix them ASAP. Thank you for your feedback. It’s very important for us to improve.

          3. Thanks. I read the issue. It was really good as usual, but how can we vote for the next issue to which a series is still not finished yet? Like the Spells r us Vindem Vraji series. I would love to see what happens next in that series, but it’s only 2 issues. I got money to pay for it. Love the shopkeeper origin story.

  2. Something is broken. I’m a paying member. It says its 60 pages but when I open it it says it is 6 pages but I actually see 12. I don’t know if I’m missing most of it? It was easier when the individual chapters could be opened separately.

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