Collider: Heist

Collider: Heist COMIC


Carla and her team of thieves have taken on big jobs before, but none compare to what they find in a secret science lab. Tasked with finding and escaping with the legendary Collider Particle, Carla’s team quickly finds themselves in over their heads. The team is thrown in the middle of crazed science experiments: fifteen foot tall woman, patients with foot long cocks, doctor’s with breasts larger than their bodies. Soon their wildest fantasies begin to play out, each consumed by their own lust. If they’re not careful they’ll become the labs next test subjects!


A spiritual successor to the fantastic Collider series. Instead of focusing on the scientists, we now get a dose of corporate espionage. This chapter includes breast expansion, height growth, a threesome, and lots of comparison shots. Growing boobs aren’t great for escaping a heist though!

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  1. No expansion of any kind I n the last issue really disappointing. Hopefully the next series makes up for this one but unfortunately for this installments ending I gotta give it a thumbs down 👎🏽

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