Seins au Chocolat

A man givers his lover a chocolate gift that makes her breasts grow!


Victoria and James are a happy couple, and today is their anniversary! After a great night out, James surprises Victoria with a box of exotic chocolates called Siens au Chocolat. Victoria loved the gift because she knows that Jame is not fond of chocolate. After eating a bit, Victoria’s breasts began to grow. James was startled and eventually fainted from the amazing sight.

Official Publisher's Review

A short but packed series of romance and expansion. James was never a chocolate fan, but this year he decides to surprise his wife with some exotic chocolates, in order to mix things up a bit. Victoria loves the gift and starts munching on the mysterious sweets, only to find her breasts rapidly growing. One thing is for sure, James will sure love chocolates after his night of passion and growth with her beloved, and now big-breasted wife.

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