Dungeons and D Cups

An adventuring party learns of a strange artifact


Throughout the land, tales are told of a fellowship of female adventurers: The crafty thief, Mariah Swiftfingers, The elven sorceress, Aurora Everglade, and the boisterous dwarf warrior, Tali Stormhammer. Short after yet another victory, the party comes across the location of a tower created by dark elves, and of the hidden treasures that lie deep within. When presented with the prospect of even greater riches and renown than they already possess, and spite of the warnings issued by their mistress of magic, two-thirds of the fellowship vote to explore the tower and ‘liberate’ some of its more valuable artifacts.

However, the trio’s spoils prove to be more than they bargained for, when they find that one of the mystical artifacts they procure causes their breasts to swell out of control!

Official Publisher's Review

Dungeons and D Cups is a fast paced story that lampoons the conventions of tabletop games and high fantasy. One of the author’s many forays into magic fueled Breast Expansion comics, Dungeons also offers his usual mainstays of lighthearted tone bordering on comedy, pop culture references, and characters that trade quips and barbs regularly.

As a result of its short length there is less than usual in the way of character development, but this is not a negative; the comic chooses to celebrate the conventions of the genre rather than deconstruct them. Each of the adventurers has their own distinct personality that combined serve to drive the story well.

Dungeons and D Cups attempts much in the short space afforded, and still manages to succeed; there’s the requisite action and conflict, as well as comedy and plenty of fetish elements to satisfy. This is also a story for the BE purist, offering a sole focus on girls growing larger and larger breasts, with little else by way of fetish content to distract and a predilection for the larger end scale of breast expansion.

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  1. It was an enjoyable read; I would love to see more adventures with these characters, and maybe they could even add to the party a bit along the way. I wonder what the follow-up could look like.

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