Red Pill: Legalized

Red Pill, in all its giantess inducing forms, is finally legal. Milf Ellen wants to try it out for old times sake, but they don't make it like they used to!
Red Pill: Legalized


Ellen’s been having a rough year. Her husband divorced her, her job isn’t going well, and she doesn’t know if men think she’s attractive anymore. So when she hears Red Pill has been legalized in a smokable form, she wants to take a nostalgic trip. She did it in college. It can’t be that much different right?

Ellen’s dutiful guide and store clerk, Penny, might be in for more than he expected when he offers Ellen a sample. This lady’s got a big appetite and a big imagination. And she’s got one thing on her mind… fucking someone’s brains out. If she can humiliate her husband along the way? That sounds pretty good too.

You’re in good (large) hands with Ellen, so take a trip with her as she fuck her way to gianthood!

Official Publisher's Review

The fantastic return of a Giantess Club classic, Red Pill explores what an unlocked mind can dream up, tapping into the deepest, growing desires of a house wife, turned sex-pot Ellen. The series obviously involves drug use. This chapter includes hot milf action, BE, mini-giantess blowjobs, giantess on giant fucking. Car and house crushing growth.

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  1. Nice chapter, I like to see mom grows much bigger and hotter than her daughter, also all the other moms get huge ad sexy permanently, this will make a lovely world.

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