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Dream Cure #2

A very special pill that brings unexpected results for a very strange couple.

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Discover fifty of this year’s hottest transformative items through the first of Transformation Catalog!

Blown Up! (One-Shot)

A woman is suddenly overcome with a hunger for semen, consuming so much from many willing donors she undergoes massive weight gain and expands all over.
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For her birthday, Princess Strawberry is given her uttermost secret desire, growing bigger and bigger!
The entire kingdom has gathered for games, feasting, and festivities! For Princess Strawberry, her 21st birthday should be a reason to celebrate! But to her dismay, no one can truly give her the gift she secretly desires– womanly curves. It’s a hidden longing that she’s suppressed for years. But that’s all about to change thanks to a little magic! With the aid of a magic potion, the witch of the south helps the Princess blossom as big as she wants, gaining the figure she’s always desperately craved! But this witch has more than good intentions in mind, and transforming the princess is just step one of her dastardly plans– There’s much more g

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