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Pre-Order | The Three Wish War #8

Game over! Bey rules all.

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Goddess Maker Origins #8

A man gains the power of a god to turn woman into goddesses.

Mojo Wagon: Mardi Gras #4

Shanelle finds Lorena, who has transformed into a mound of T&A! Will she rescue her or join her in swollen damnation?
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The peace is Korea is shattered as the P.M.D (people of mass destruction) start a new PMD war!
Korea is enjoying a time of peace and unification through the United Korea Initiative (U.K.I) after the first People of Mass Destruction (P.M.D) war. The Korean tranquility is soon to be shattered. Bong-Cha, a PMD terrorist from the first PMD war, infiltrates the American embassy in Seoul with her sex partner soldier. The two find a suitable location to grow in the embassy employee break room. Bong-Cha will soon be the spark that ignites the second PMD war.

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