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The Three Wish War #8

Game over! Bey rules all.

Last Week’s Release

Goddess Maker Origins #8

A man gains the power of a god to turn woman into goddesses.

Mojo Wagon: Mardi Gras #4

Shanelle finds Lorena, who has transformed into a mound of T&A! Will she rescue her or join her in swollen damnation?
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War! What is it good for? For growing boobs, of course!
Once found, lost artifacts of great power rarely stand still. They are lost, fought-over, and stolen. Bodies lay strewn in their wake. And few artifacts are greater than the genie’s lamp. Perry takes the lamp from Karen after screwing her brains out, not that she has many brains left. And what does Perry do with the lamp? He heads straight to a strip club to transform the place into his personal harem.

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