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Pre-Order | Master PC: Girlfriend Builder #5

Master PC Strikes again with Girlfriend Builder!

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Summer Cabin #1

Blake brings his college girlfriend home to meet his family, but his little sis has grown up in a couple of BIG ways!

Smart Girl (One-Shot)

A scientist girl uses her knowledge to change her body's shape.
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A mysterious fog hides the village of Modderton, and Agent Shay is about to find out firsthand just what is hidden within the city limits.
Village of the MILFs pays homage to classic science fiction horror movies with it’s giant women and sinister undertones. Something is definitely off in the town of Modderton, and we jump right in with an investigation already ongoing at the start. Our protagonist, Agent Shay is suddenly MILF-ified and awakes in confusion of her new, sexy, giant body, but her memory seems to have been erased. The story has a feeling of slight tension as Shay is shuffled back and forth between what seem to be everyday events for the giant MILFs of Modderton. If you’re a fan of seeing giant MILFs waited on hand and foot by their male servants, this series delive

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