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Winter is here! Time to play some games.

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Dream Cure #2

A very special pill that brings unexpected results for a very strange couple.


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A woman is suddenly overcome with a hunger for semen, consuming so much from many willing donors she undergoes massive weight gain and expands all over.
A woman finds herself insatiably hungry, and nothing can sate her until a handsome stranger finds her appetite alluring, and she quickly leads him away to get something else in her mouth. Swallowing his “protein shake” gives her a new thrill, and is the first thing that has made her craving subside, but the satisfaction is short-lived. She sneaks into the men’s locker room of her gym, and gulps down the eager men’s contributions until her stomach is swollen and her body has started to swell with fat, but by the end of the night she has burned all of it off again and still hungers for more.

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