Swamp Monsters

Swamp gases outside the town of Boggy Marsh hide big secrets, and five kids are about to see how big.



Official Publisher's Review

The small southern town of Boggy Marsh has been hiding some big secrets hidden deep within the swamp just outside town. There are legends told and shared among the oldest residents that warn about monstrous creatures, swamp monsters, but ones that rise not from the murky depths but from within those foolish enough to journey out there at night.

Orson is a teenager who has heard the tales, and he respects the legends, as most longtime residents do. His friends, however, don’t fully understand that sometimes the scary stories told around a campfire are more than just stories. Sometimes there is a truth to the legend. On a night where two high school jocks count on taking the hottest sisters in school out into the spooky marsh and getting some action, they find that when planning for something big, big is often just what they get. Or rather, the girls do.

The swamp gases of Boggy Marsh mixed with some chemicals spilled forty years earlier by a now decrepit chemical factory result in some heightened lust among the sisters, a lust that turns them quite literally into monsters, ones who must feed and have very specific tastes.

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