For Science!

A struggling female scientist discovers a big new way of life through her research.


Dr. Carol Wright is a brilliant researcher in a male dominated field. She works tirelessly to carve her place in scientific progress despite her challenge of being a woman. Her ticket to the science hall of fame is her GRW-11 formula. GRW-11 shows much promise to usher in a golden age of humanity. Sadly the higher ups in her field have dismissed her research. Frustrated and determined, Carol decides to test her GRW-11 formula on herself in secret. To her surprise the side effect of the formula is rapid growth. Uninhibited by her new size, Carol continues her research. Time passes and Carol realizes that she must leave before her coworkers arrive. Sadly getting out of a normal sized building as an giantess is no easy task. After finally getting outside Carol nearly gets seen by some young men passing by, but luckily she was able to hide, While hiding, Carol realizes that she is not just giant, but she is also horny. How will she act with this feeling she has never had before?

Official Publisher's Review

Yet another story Bob Saget. And also another story that will not disappoint. For Science! Is full of top notch growth. The story has similar growth sequences to Above the Law, PMD, and Hero of Size. Which is not a bad thing as the growth in those stories is amazing. However For Science! does shake up the growth formula. This is quite welcome since Carol is growing out of fairly average clothing. Saget puts a twist on it by making Carol describe her growth as it happens. As an scientist, she describes her transformation in detail. This is quite entertaining as she must remain calm as literally larger then life events are happening. The reader can even tell that she is trying to stay composed through her unfiltered thoughts.

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