The Giantess Fight

A woman participates in a global tournament between giant women while searching for her missing brother.


At some point in the future, an event comparable to the Olympics is founded known as the Giantess Fight Tournament. Every two years, a woman skilled in one-on-one combat is chosen by each of the various participating nations to take part in a global competition lasting the entire year. After ingesting a chemical compound, the participants step into a specially-made ring, are grown to tremendous size as a result of high energy bombardment, and then face one another in a timed match. If a fighter is knocked unconscious before ten minutes are up, then that fighter’s nation is ruled out of the tournament; if neither fighter is unconscious, the match is considered a draw and both nations remain in the fight. In the midst of this is Hikari Paku, the Japanese fighter, who enters the tournament as much for national pride as to seek the truth of a secret that could destroy the world as everyone knows it.

Official Publisher's Review

This is a basic story inspired by assorted Japanese anime, particularly spoofing ‘Mobile Fighter G Gundam’. The plot is simple enough; a fighting competition between giantesses, with unseen forces working in the background. The characters range from the generally good-natured to the clearly vicious, with an international cast that tends to avoid stereotypes. While it comes to a conclusion, the story promises more to come in the future, and it’s likely that the writer will continue the story in the near-future.

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