Dairy Dilemma

Cass and Jessie sign up for a clinical trial only to find themselves becoming part of the bimbo herd.


Cass and Jessie arrive at a clinic to participate in a drug trial to help cover classes. The trial was seeking twins, but accidentally got Cass and Jessie who are a married couple. The doctor advises them that the whole thing will run overnight, during which they’ll also be doing a social experiment with a stiff penalty if either of them back out once it starts.

Official Publisher's Review

Another great hucow story from Fahzbehn. There’s plenty of growth, milk, and bimbos to go around and enjoy. Much like many of Fahzbehn’s other comics, Dairy Dilemma is a light hearted sexual romp. In this one-shot comic, a married couple of college students find themselves part of a science experiment that turns them into bimbo hucows, their bodies slowly becoming almost identical (with one major difference) with sex taking over their minds. In the end, Cassie becomes the girl he never knew that he wanted to be. They’re both soon part of the good doctor’s herd: lusty, cock hungry, milky bimbo hucow sluts who need to be milked and fucked as much and as often as possible.

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