Mall Madness COMIC


Wilendra is a witch, an old one, and a very cranky one. She hates mortals, the human vermin as she thinks of them. Unfortunately a witch needs to occasionally look her best and this year she wants some new shoes, boots similar to ones she has worn for many a decade. The local mall is having a big blow-out sale, one that in the end might just give new meaning to blowing the roof off prices.

When an unfriendly and slacker girl employee insults Wilendra, saying they don’t have any left in her size, Wilendra loses her short fused temper and lets loose, stomping off and using her wand to create havoc all over the mall on her trip back to the exit.

No one is safe from Wilendra’s madness, everyone in the mall who happens to stand between her and the exit finding themselves zapped into all manner of perversion, not the least of which are a few young women who find that shoes may never be in their size again.

It’s all fun and shopping until a magical madness takes over the mall.


Wilendra, a witch who hates humans, lets her temper flare while shopping at the mall. Big problems result.

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