Seduction Technology

Malcolm, a college student, is given a “bimbo-ray” by his family in attempts to sway him into the family business.


On a fall campus day, a lonely student named Malcolm is being pestered on the phone by his older brother, Jason, to take up the unwanted family business of biological enhancements and technology. While trying to convince Jason to leave him alone, Malcolm discovers a package in the mail for him, sent by their family. Continually fed up by his family’s smotherings he throws the package away, unawares to the drama that will soon follow him.

Jason surprises him the next day with the same package, delivering it to him while in class and once again trying to make him reconsider his position in the family. Resilient as ever, it isn’t until Malcolm eventually opens the package, revealing a strange laser gun, that he starts to truly consider his place.

Official Publisher's Review

Malcolm, a college lost in life, struggles with separating himself from his family’s secretive business of biological enhancements and technology. He wants nothing to do with his family legacy, but can’t seem to adequately separate himself from their plans for him. On a typical fall day he receives a package in the mail from his family, and even though he throws it away it unfortunately finds its way back to him via his older brother Jason. Eventually caving in, Malcolm discovers it to be a type of laser gun– one of which he’s regretfully all too familiar with. After seeing Wendy, one of his old high school classmates, teased and bullied by a group of bitchy cheerleaders, Malcolm decides to take it upon himself to act, turning all the cheerleaders into sex craving bimbos. After Malcolm and Wendy escape, it’s revealed to him that not everything is as it seems, and this is only his first step down the rabbit hole of lust, passion, and unpredictability.

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