Newton’s Cradle

Doc Newton is new in the sleepy town of Persuasion, so how is he persuading women to want bigger breasts?


From Kris P. Kreme, comes a tale with a twist to it, as might be expected, but the twist this time is never fully revealed, remaining just slightly out of the reader’s grasp. The setting is there, a small sleepy town in the mountains, a perfect location for something strange to occur. The town, appropriately named Persuasion, has a new resident doctor, though this isn’t the doc you go to with scrapes or bruises. Doc Newton is a cosmetic doctor.

The characters are all standard town residents, the most unusual before Doc Newton arrives being a woman mayor, but that mayor might be finding her male support rising after a visit to Doc Newton. The main character who we are seeing Doc Newton’s arrival through is young Elise Graham, soon to be graduating senior with a rather strong dislike of her own body, and a brain for journalism. She chooses to report on who this Doc Newton is. However, she uncovers some concerns and then sees just how crazy the women in town are going after Doc Newton opens for business.

The ending will be a surprise, and yet a satisfying result to what might be expected. Will Elise fall under the persuasive charm of Doc Newton? And what does the Newton’s Cradle on the doctor’s desk have to do with everything? Find out as this story injects and implants some original top heavy ideas into the reader.

Official Publisher's Review

In the sleepy mountain town of Persuasion, nestled between wooded hills, life moves at a slower pace than the rest of the world. For some like Elise Graham, this pace is too slow, and she looks forward to letting her passion for journalism take her away from the town, just as soon as she graduates. As her final article for journalism class, Elise has to come up with a big story, an article that will prove just how tenacious of an investigative reporter she can be. For that article, Doc Newton seems the perfect subject.

Doc Newton is a big city MD, a licensed cosmetic surgeon and practicioner. He also seems to be taking the town by storm on his very first day there. Why would a doctor specializing in breast enhancement through supposedly natural implant injections move to a town like Persuasion? What is the secret behind his smooth charm and instant attraction to every woman who speaks to him? Most importantly why does it now seem that implant mania has broken out, women who never would have considered having their body’s changed now leaving Doc Newton’s clinic with pornstar attributes?

Elise will observe and report her article, but will the story get too close to her, especially when her practical mother takes a sudden turn in her behavior and desires? Elise ends up finding out that leaving Persuasion might not be necessary to find a little more adventure in life, and she’ll have a big story for sure.

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