Lonely Hearts

Abby’s curiosity gets the better of her on Valentine’s Day, leading to a transformative discovery next door.


Abby’s always hated Valentine’s Day. She’s never had a special someone to call her own. But it’s about to get much worse for her, as she’s forced into a blind date by her mother to the annual school dance. Yuck! Even worse yet, it’s with the school’s dorky mascot, Tom! Why couldn’t it have been with one of the cute football players? She’s convinced there’s no way she’ll enjoy the evening and that everything is hopeless. But after seeing the mysteriously busty neighbors leave their house, an idea hatches in Abby’s mind. She *knows* something unnatural is happening next door. For years, she’s seen strange lights and heard strange sounds coming from the neighbor’s basement, and this is her chance to find out more. Dragging Tom with her, she’s determined to get to the bottom of things, once and for all! But poor Abby will encounter more than she bargained for, plunged into a new world of lust and transformations. Within the neighbor’s house are unbelievable inventions and toys. Neither she nor Tom will end the night feeling normal. It’s destined to be the most surreal Valentine’s Day of their lives!

Official Publisher's Review

Hello devoted readers! Happy Valentine’s Day from BotComics! From all of us here, we’re proud to present you with this special issue of romance and affection, full of all the things you love: transformations, breast expansion, huge milfs, cum inflation, breast milk and more! From the imagination of DeLonge and Shoshanna P. comes another tale of adventure and corruption. So whether or not you have someone special to share this holiday with, be sure to snuggle up with this issue and break out the chocolates, because it’s guaranteed to be an experience you’ll never forget. Enjoy!

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