Gram Famous

Chelsea and her friends all want more likes on Gramgram. When Chelsea gets a random DM, her wishes are granted!


Chelsea and her friends, Kiara, and Angela, all wish they were more popular on the social media app “Gramgram.” They pale in comparison to the various bimbo influencers that plague their feeds. Disappointed from trying too hard, Chelsea gets a random DM from someone offering to help her grow on Gramgram, as long as she promised to grow with every like. Confused with the offer, Chelsea happily accepts. The random person then asks her to pose and post various pictures of her body, all of which gains her more likes than she’s ever seen! But…at what cost? What unseen results will fall upon Chelsea as she grows and grows in fame? What of her friends? Find out in Gram Famous!

Official Publisher's Review

It has been a fascinating skill of SupremeD to take something from our real world and bring it into his own crazy bimbo filled interpretation! We have already seen something similar go above and beyond expectation in “Stream Famous” and “Stream Famous 2.” Gram Famous takes the app we all know and puts a spin on it. Seeing how it effects Chelsea is something straight from a real-life fantasy! The slow transformation is a very added benefit, as Chelsea’s progression takes place throughout the entire comic rather than just a few pages. It all culminates into one final scene that is just over the top! The hot women, the transformation, and the real life connection all makes the first issue of Gram Famous a fantastic read! I can’t wait to see more!

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  1. Very good!
    I wish to see a series with an app that makes Milfs and Moms grow bigger and thicker slowly permanently! and a pervert boy start using it on his mom and other Milfs and make them huge and sexy!

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