Princess Apple & the Lizard Kingdom

After being captured by an evil queen, Princess Apple learns gigantic secrets to escape and regain her kingdom.


The kingdoms have enjoyed a truce for years, but the insane lust of Queen Kraut causes her to attack Princess Apple’s kingdom and take Apple as her prisoner. Using her wits, Apple escapes her captors and learns Kraut’s trick of growth and uses it flee into the world. As Kraut pursues her, Apple has to learn more about herself and the powers of the land before she can finally defeat Kraut once and for all and rule the kingdoms in peace. Will Princess Apple be able to succeed in this lofty goal? Find out in “Princess Apple & the Lizard Kingdom!”

Official Publisher's Review

The Giantess Club is pleased to bring you the first giantess comic from lauded adult comic writer, TJ Hunter! With “Princess Apple & the Lizard Kingdom” we follow Princess Apple’s long journey against the evil lizard Queen Kraut and her minions. With only her wits and inner strength, Apple is able to use Kraut’s secret tricks against her to protect her kingdom. With a wink and nod to a beloved video game franchise, “Princess Apple” is a fun story about a resourceful Princess battling for what’s right. It’ll be worth your time and money to give this story a read!

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