Stars & Stripes

After coming to life, Lady Liberty is excited to show off her new curves and celebrate Independence Day.


The Statue of Liberty is a proud beacon of American freedom. After inexplicably coming to life, she receives a bit of an upgrade, transforming into a comically curvy lady, eager to show off her new curves and live her life to the fullest! It’s a brand new way to celebrate the Fourth of July, complete with all the sparks and explosions you could ask for! Lady Liberty has a brand new outlook on life, eager to make up for lost time and ring in a patriotic holiday!

Official Publisher's Review

Happy Fourth of July from all of us here at Botcomics! On this American patriotic holiday, devour some hot dogs, watch some baseball, and enjoy this special holiday issue from us, filled with ten amazing pages of transformation, liberty, and eroticism! In the Stars & Stripes comic, after the Statue of Liberty comes to life, she transforms into a proud bimbo, eager to show off her new curves to several of the other National Monuments. She’s more than happy to be the center of attention, letting everyone appreciate her charms, and celebrate the holiday the best way she knows how! Join in on the fun, and celebrate an explosive Independence Day! Stay safe out there!

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