Remote Chance

Rick's luck with the women has really turned around and Neil might have just found out why.


The big game is on, but someone’s taken the remote for the TV in the common room at the dorm. Fortunately it looks like Rick has a spare on his desk mixed in with the books on quantum mechanics and string theory. Wait… What? What’s a guy like Rick doing with all that theoretical physics stuff?

But before Neil use the remote to do much other than accidentally expand his TV set, Madison drops by to berate Neil for skipping a study session that he had set up to go over material that had him struggling. Rather than crack the chemistry books and get to work, Neil sets about studying Rick’s remote control. With a Madison as the experimental subject. What would the brainy Madison be like as a cheerleader? What would she be like with breasts bigger than her head?

Official Publisher's Review

Bill Pratt welcomes you back to the crazy world of Polyversal Remote Control. the Like a genie’s lamp, the Remote Control doesn’t stay missing for long. Smart people keep it hidden, once they find out what it can do, but even smart people, Rick for example, eventually get lazy, make a mistake, or take a risk they shouldn’t have. Now his roommate Neil has Rick’s magic remote, and heads off on the adventure of lifetime. Well, Bill’s idea of the adventure of a lifetime. That means impossibly gorgeous women with growing breasts and sexual appetites not out of line with what you’d find in a hentai. And… is that… a shrunken man?!? So that’s what happened to Rick!

Way to go, genius.

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