A bounty hunter and her catch encounter a forest nymph who grants them each 3 wishes.


In the midst of a high-stakes pursuit, a bounty hunter and her elusive quarry cross paths with a mystical forest nymph. Bestowing upon them an extraordinary gift, the nymph grants three wishes to each. This unforeseen encounter weaves a tale of desires, choices, and unexpected connections, as the characters navigate the complexities of their dirty wishes and the profound changes that result from their encounter with the supernatural.

Official Publisher's Review

A resolute bounty hunter and her captive cross paths with a forest nymph, who bestows upon them a unique boon: three wishes each. Amidst the wilderness, desires intertwine with unexpected consequences, illuminating the complexities of wishes granted and the choices that shape destinies. This magical encounter becomes a pivotal moment for characters to navigate personal (and very sexy) aspirations and unforeseen outcomes, all while exploring the whimsical enchantment of the mystical realm.

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