Chloe’s High School Reunion

Chloe’s demonic adventure continues with her high school reunion, where she will find and corrupt some of her fellow classmates.


Chloe is preparing herself for her high school reunion. Once dressed and ready to go, she arrives to her reunion in a hot rod, burning rubber and making an entrance in her usual human form.

She quickly finds her friend Grace at the party and start to catch up, getting the latest gossip, when they’re eventually interrupted by their annoying high school rival Pam. She gives them some aggressive smack talk before drunkenly stumbling off, leaving Chloe furious. After a failed attempt by Grace to calm her, Chloe tracks Pam down to the bathroom, finding both Pam and Chloe’s ex-boyfriend in a stall together going at it.

Official Publisher's Review

Chloe is back, and with some serious need for vengeance. Some time has passed since the first installment, giving our heroine more time to adjust to her powerful lifestyle. No longer living in need of sales, she’s since moved on to more powerful aspirations. After being invited to a high school reunion, it’s immediately apparent to her fellow alumni that this is not the same Chloe they knew so long ago. This one is full of spirit and fire, ready to kick ass and take control. She’s a woman without rules. This issue of Chloe continues in her mysterious adventure of corruption, passion, desires, and fulfillments. Readers will be happily introduced to new characters for Chloe to play with. If you enjoyed Chloe’s Open House then you’re going to love this one, filled with even more of the things for you to sink your teeth into. There’s never been a high school reunion quite like this one before…

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