Giantess Containment Bureau

With the world over run by feral giantess, it's up to an elite group of government agents to protect us


In a world where giantesses roam free– and singular contact with giantess bodily fluid could lead to infection– Solomon and Uriko work for a government agency known as the Giantess Containment Bureau, or the GCB. It’s their job to track down and capture these feral giantesses in a borderline-apocalyptic world of our potential future. But they aren’t just partners, they’re lovers, no easy task in such a harsh landscape. Armed with only their wits and what they can carry, the two set out to track down a former soccer mother, turned raging giantess. Where once Uriko’s mission was clear, her thoughts have started to drift in recent months, to the point where they could compromise her mission. The prospect of giantism is both terrifying and alluring, and it would certainly put her at odds with her partner Solomon, and the rest of the human race. But is the temptation too strong to resist?

Official Publisher's Review

While it is certainly not a continuation of Peak Shift, GCB continues Malenkaya’s tradition of exploring the psychology behind the giantess-temptation, both the good and dark sides. Whether they be bad or good, giantesses are always fun. Both Solomon and Uriko develop into three-dimensional, yet the story has an efficient pace and never forgets its purpose. Those looking for sexual interactions will be disappointed by the definitive lack in this chapter, although sex scenes are never far behind. Nevertheless, the chapter does include breast expansion, hints of crush, general growth and of course giantesses. This chapter also leads into an easily expandable universe, and the story could go in almost any direction. Mistakes and comments from reviewers have been taken into consideration, and hopefully be appreciated as the piece evolves. The concept of a viral infection is not a new concept, but Malenkaya breaths new life into the old troupe.

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