Super BEro Rising VIII Title

Super BEro: Rising

A new busty super heroine comes to terms with her powers.


Time has passed since Terri first experienced her powers. Terri is still unable to control her new powers and has to constantly make up excuses to miss work. All the lies are starting to take a toll on her sanity. One day her breasts are relatively normal sized, so she decides to venture out to get some much needed food… With her partner in danger, Terri’s time has come to be a true Super BEro and fight the vile Big Daisy! Daisy first tests Terri to see what she’s up against. As Terri succumbs to a simple grope of her breasts, Daisy deems her a non-threat. The busty amazon then sends her henchmen rednecks against Terri. The men are quickly defeated and Daisy sees that Terri is indeed a threat. Bid Daisy chrges, but Terri is able to defeat her with her powers!

Official Publisher's Review

An adventure with superpowers, jumping, punching and beautiful busty girls. There’s no shortage of action when it comes to Super BEro, the kind of heroine we’d like to have in our neighborhood!. The story starts off with plenty of breast expansion and sexual situations. One has to wonder how Terri will deal with her unpredictable breasts. The epic and slightly sexy fight between a hero (BEro) and villain is the best in the series thus far!.

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