Chloe’s Open House

Chloe, a real estate agent, discovers a necklace in the middle of her estate sale. Within it are demonic powers.


Chloe is preparing for an open house. As she puts on the finishing touches around the place she thinks about all the bad publicity that the listing has had. According to rumor, its previous owner was an evil witch who performed dark magic. Chloe accidentally breaks open a small board, revealing a hidden space underneath. Upon investigating, she’s shocked to find a beautiful ruby necklace. What she doesn’t know is that it’s cursed. After hearing a knock at the door she hastily puts the necklace on and welcomes in her clients, the Kensingtons. She then proceeds to go through her usual selling spiel, highlighting the house’s positives. After a short while she begins to feel strange and grows faint. Waving off her client’s concerns she does her best to continue with the tour before her breasts rapidly expand, bursting open her blouse! Again she dismisses the worried expressions from the Kensingtons and insteads rushes the tour along, pushing them upstairs. By the time they get to the upstairs bathroom she begins to appear completely different, no longer her normal looking self. With red skin, yellow eyes, and sharp teeth, she is demonic looking. The necklace glows brightly against her exposed chest. Desperate to make the sale she pushes through with the tour still. Things only become worse for her though, and soon she has become completely bimbofied, lost in her changing experience. In fear the Kensingtons flee, but Chloe manages to stop them. She proceeds to forcefully have her way with them, transforming them into creatures that resemble herself. At the end of the night all three of them are on the floor in a stupor, covered in one another’s post-lust juices. Needless to say, Chloe makes the sale.

Official Publisher's Review

Chloe is a real estate agent in desperate need of some good fortune. After having a string of bad luck, this is her last chance to make a sale, and unfortunately for her the property comes with a reputation for being haunted. Not much is known about the house’s previous owner, but rumor has it that she was an evil witch who performed dark magic. It is said that her influence can still be felt roaming the halls. But Chloe doesn’t believe in such nonsense. Not even when she accidentally discovers a bewitched ruby necklace. This gem is the catalyst for an evening that Chloe will never forget. Despite her continuing best efforts to make the sale after her clients arrive, she begins to feel stranger and more bizarre. Things quickly spiral into madness and chaos for Chloe, and she progressively feels less like herself. She becomes lost, going through both physical and mental changes, the ruby necklace glowing bright. By the end of the day, she will have transformed into something powerful right before her client’s eyes, and none of them will be the same ever again.

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