Bride of the Colossal Beast

The wife of a famous astronaut tries to help cure his gigantism, but starts growing herself.


Susan Glenn, the wife of astronaut Eddie Glenn, is wondering why she hasn’t seen him despite him having been back on Earth for over a week. Pretty soon the doctor in charge of treating Eddie, Dr. Allen arrives at Susan’s house and takes her to an air force base, where it turns out that Eddie is undergrowing an extreme growth spurt thanks to an experimental radiation vaccine. Allen reveals that they can at least stop the growth by giving Eddie a massive blood transfusion, for which every person at the base has volunteered, and Susan also volunteers to give blood to her husband.

Later that day, Susan’s blood is being transfused into Eddie’s body, and while Allen intends to make the final donation himself, Susan insists they take as much blood from her as they need. They successfully complete the transfusion, but at the last minute the pump malfunctions and goes into reverse, putting a small amount of Eddie’s blood into Susan’s body.

The following morning, the base’s nurse, Chloe Bradley attends to Susan, and is alarmed to find that she’s started growing as well. Reasoning that a prompt blood transfusion may stop the growth early, Allen and Bradley take Susan to the medbay, but she starts growing considerably larger on the way, beginning to rip out of her clothes. They eventually get to the medbay, but are unable stop her growth spurt, and she ends up well over 7ft tall and naked. A dejected Dr. Allen then points out that without enough people on the base who can safely give blood, they won’t be able to stop Susan’s growth spurt before she reaches gigantic proportions.

Official Publisher's Review

This is another comic inspired by a classic “giant person” sci-fi movie, namely The Amazing Colossal Man. This time, the unfortunate giant is relegated to a background role in the story, and his wife finds herself in the central role, growing bigger and bigger.
As the story begins, we see Susan worried about her husband, showing that she’s a traditional housewife, and the two have a genuine relationship, even if we won’t see them directly interact until the end of Part 2. Dr. Allen then arrives and we can see that he’s a reasonable man, who generally has the right ideas at heart.
When the action shifts to the base we get size comparisons between Eddie, Susan and the base’s nurse, adding in a little extra for fans of male giants and/or shrunken women, in what is otherwise definitely a giantess story. Susan gives some of her blood to Eddie, demonstrating the depth of their relationship… and leading to the mishap which really gets the story going.
The remainder of the story is devoted to showing Susan’s initial growth spurt, as she destroys her sexy silk pajamas. She’s helped to the base’s medbay by the doctor and nurse as she gets gradually bigger, providing an opportunity for size comparison, and leading to a more violent clothes destruction when she gets to the medbay. The story ends on a cliffhanger, and the realization that she’s going to get a lot, lot bigger.

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