Giantess Rangers

When the earth needs heroes, five Rangers will stand to defend it against the sexual attacks of evil Queen Rotten!


When a startling attack downtown springs the Rangers into action, interrupting them from their lovemaking, they find themselves up against Queen Rotten’s latest villain, Couga! Our mighty heroes, never ones to shy away from a fight, battle this feisty feline foe as best they can, facing new and challenging obstacles along the way, refusing to back down. As with all of Queen Rotten’s sinister minions, things progressively get lustful and more complicated in this story. It’s not going to be an easy battle to win, requiring new tools and tactics to save the day. But at what cost? Join these five sexually-awesome bringers of justice in their very first ever issue, where things go from bad to huge, and see for yourself what kind of mischief they find themselves in along the way. This series isn’t called “Giantess Rangers” for nothing!

Official Publisher's Review

Queen Rotten wants to take over the earth, claiming it for her own vile ways. With her, she has an army of evil villains, each more sinister and promiscuous than the last. But all is not lost. Thankfully, the world has the mighty force of the Rangers to protect it against wickedness, under the watchful eyes of Lord Zordock. Join these five young adults in their first ever issue as they go toe to toe against the ferocious beast known as Couga, and discover for yourself just how far Queen Rotten is willing to go to defeat the Rangers and claim what she belongs is rightfully hers. In this pulse-pounding issue, the sexual thrills never end, escalating to giant proportions, sure to leave you on the edge of your seat. Read “Giantess Rangers” today, and help save the planet from all forces of lust-driven destruction! You won’t be disappointed, readers.

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