Wet Tee Shirt Contest

Three college girlfriends go to Florida for Spring Break and discover a plot to make girls' boobs grow a lot!


In the seventh breast expansion series from acclaimed adult comic writer TJ Hunter, “Wet Tee Shirt Contest” is a humorous mystery over a nice warm Florida Spring Break weekend!  Three college coeds stumble upon a plot to make all the girls have bigger boobs and they want to know why.  If you like fun stories with humor, ample sex, and of course breast enlargements, this is a story you don’t want to miss!

Official Publisher's Review

When college girlfriends Aubrey, Madelyn, and Sophie go to Florida for Spring Break, they feel self conscious when they hit the beach after seeing so many girls in small bikinis and huge breasts! That night they go to a beach concert/party sponsored by the ‘Bitches Being Bad Video’ company. Sophie volunteers for the wet tee shirt contest, but after she and the other contestants are sprayed down they all grow larger boobs! Wanting to discover the reason behind the growth, Madelyn and Aubrey investigate and stumble into BE shenanigans of their own! For everyone who likes BREAST EXPANSION and HUMOROUS SEXUAL SITUATIONS, this story is for you!

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