Watered Down Science

A science experiment makes giant breakthroughs at a high school known for big achievements.



It’s an ordinary day at Greystone High, a school known for big achievements on the athletic field. However, Spring has arrived and with it comes the time for science and other academic pursuits to rise. For some it will be rising to new extremes as Franklin Donalds shares his latest science project.

Franklin has always been the classic nerd, purely focused on science, going above and beyond the assignment to try and achieve real world results and astonishing achievements. After being taunted by one of the school’s most popular jocks, Franklin is only aided by Wendy Wade, a shy girl who usually is overlooked. Perhaps there is a small love connection between the classic nerd and the overlooked girl. Zeke, the jock, wants to make sure they cool off as he spills Franklin’s experiment all over Wendy.

Now Wendy is experiencing what Franklin called enhanced water absorption, where her bones, body, and size is swelling, growing, and turning her into the biggest girl on campus. To fight the effects, Franklin vows to help her, to never leave her alone like this, and he keeps his word, going to incredible lengths, literally, to put things right at Greystone High.

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