Office Hours COMIC


Doomed to retake a college chemistry class if she ever wants to graduate with her degree, Madison plans her next course of action. Professor Kensington is a good-looking guy, but it sounds like the deviously seductive Celeste has already wrapped him around her little finger. After a (predictable) chemical spill, Madison suddenly finds herself with a major pair of attention-grabbers. Quickly doing the calculations, she starts to leverage her new assets to get a leg up in life. With every guy falling over themselves to please her, she plots how to bump Celeste out of the picture and catch the big prize! And what’s with that chicken!?


If you’ve ever had that lucky combination of a tough class and a hot teacher, this story is for you! Madison is struggling with her college chemistry lab and might be reading a little too much into Professor Kensington’s offer to visit during office hours. Is he the sort of teacher to get it on with students? If Celeste is getting an A, then it’s a good possibility! An accident in the chemistry lab instantaneously boosts Madison’s breasts up to porn-star proportions, and it’s fun to see her quickly put them to less than virtuous use. Her roommate Mackenzie, however, is not quite as amused. xCuervos delivers instant growth, drama, lots of humor, and one very confused chicken!

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