Growth Studies: Queen Maerwynn

An angry queen becomes s subject of Growth Studies, and it’s time to take the kingdom back!


In a medieval land, the king of the Eleven Kingdoms is living his best life, full of unmeasured indulgence, wealth, and of course, younger women than his “old queen.” On the other hand, Queen Maerwynn is tired of seeing his husband being an ass with his people, wasting his life drinking, gambling, and cheating on her with every woman that crosses his path.

Unfortunately for her, there’ s nothing much she can do. Everyone who dares to question the king’ s authority is either dead or thrown out from the Eleven Kingdoms. But big things are about to happen when she becomes another subject of Growth Studies.

Official Publisher's Review

Shoshanna P. once again brings us another chapter on the Growth Studies Series. This time we travel back in time to another era of castles, kings, and queens to showcase one of the earliest Growth Studies that ever happened. The case of Maerwynn, a milf queen desperate to get out of her abusive marriage and become the true ruler of the Eleven Kingdoms.

This new One-Shot comes with a plethora of fetishes such as sleeping giantess growth, giantess destruction, breast expansion, ass expansion, ass vore, and many more. Be sure to check the previous Growth Studies One-Shots if you haven’ t already.

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