Island of Dreams

Two girls working on the Island of Dreams, quickly realize it might not be their dreams the Island fulfills.


Maria and Tammy are recruited into the Island of Dreams family, a family full of buxom, happy employees– just ask any of the many waitresses and they will tell you exactly that. Tammy, always self conscious about her string bean figure, falls prey to the temptation of the island rather quickly, trading her wits and will for a busty form. Maria remains vigilant despite the many attempts to cull her. Leading to drastic measures, the Island reveals its true nature to Maria, who is forced with the Orwellian task of hiding within her own hypnotized state while remaining true to herself.

Official Publisher's Review

Gunslinger’s classic tale offers an effective and well developed glimpse into the marriage of mind control and breast expansion. And the characters are well fleshed out, in background and bust. The use of inner monologue and subtle hypnosis is exceptionally crafted, especially in comparison to previous installments on the BE Story Club website. The breast expansion ranges from normal to supernaturally large, but never gets too far into the unmanageable. This file contains chapters one and two, and sets the stage for quite the epic to follow.

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