A Fairy Tale: Consuming Desires

Some years after the events of the first arc, Chris finds himself facing a new fairy tale.


Having saved their high school from certain doom, the ladies of the first Fairy Tale have gone on to live successful, fun-filled, magical lives. But this is not their tale. Having had a falling out with the girls, Chris, Alina’s younger brother, has turned to a life of womanizing, magical abuse, and supernatural investigation. Through a vision he find an expanding girl in trouble, a rogue genie, and possibly dangerous link to his past. Yearning for adventure, Chris rashly throws himself head first– at time literally– into this new tale.

Official Publisher's Review

The story easily operates as a standalone, with a distinctly different feel than the first arc of “A Fairy Tale.” The lead, Chris, is a much more physical character, and there is no sense of doe-eyed discovery. He’s a magic user on the verge of being supernatural junkie, yet has no qualms with it. The breast expansion is well developed– taking of a heavy percentage of the panel count. Hints of mystery and noir are sprinkled throughout, but this story is much less focused on character development than its predecessor. Much like the protagonist, the story blunt with a narrow direction, and it efficiently achieves what it sets out to do. The story incorporates extensive BE, PE, as well as some leg growth.

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