Pumpkin Queens

It’s Halloween night, and magic is in the air. As Brittany attempts to join a new coven of witches, things go astray.


It’s Witch’s Season. Brittany has just moved from the busy life of the city to the quiet suburbs with her family and is looking for a new coven to continue practicing her witchcraft. Nothing scary. Simple incantations to help with her positivity and to ward off evil spirits. But with guidance from her niece, she’ll be inducted into an all-new kind of spellcasting, full of eroticism, transformation, and unbridled temptation. It’s a different kind of magic, bordering on the dark arts. Before Halloween night is out, she’ll find herself stepping into a new world. Perhaps suburban living isn’t as peaceful as she thought it might be.

Official Publisher's Review

Happy Halloween from BotComics! In this season of ghouls, monsters, and ghosts, gather around the campfire and celebrate with a tale of witchcraft, seduction, and bliss. It’s all treats and no tricks here as Brittany transforms into everything you’ve asked for: big boobs, gigantic milf stature, and unquenchable lust. So put up the cobwebs and break out the candy bowls– this is going to be one tale you’re sure never to forget, full of transformation and expansion! From all of us here at BotComics, we wish you a safe and sexy Halloween! Go ahead and let those bed bugs bite!

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