Delicious Treats

This Halloween, Xerta is in need of some “extra-special ingredients.” But don’t be scared, this witch is only interested in treats, not tricks!


On Halloween night, when ghouls and ghosts are out wandering the streets in search of candy, that is the time for magic and mischief! With a strong connection to the spirit world, Xerta, the buxom and friendly witch, uses the evening to conjure up spells and potions, eager to have some fun of her own. But when she finds herself lacking ingredients, she’ll resort to unconventional recipes– full of seduction and foreplay. With the help of some unsuspecting trick or treaters, sucking their cocks and pumping them dry, she’ll complete her transformative spell and become all-powerful, with huge boobs and beautiful curves. The more cum she drains, the bigger she’ll get, approaching dangerous levels of corruption and fun.

Official Publisher's Review

In BotComics we like to celebrate Halloween as early as possible! From all of us here at BotComics, we’re wishing you a safe and delightfully spooky season full of haunts and playfulness. In order to celebrate the most mischievous holiday of the year, we welcome you into Xerta’s magical den of seduction and transformation– she’s one witch sure to satisfy your sweet tooth! In this special holiday issue packed with breast expansion, huge asses, cock growth, spooky sex, and lots of expansion, there’s more than enough to fill your candy bag. So come ring our doorbell if you dare, and don’t be scared to discover all the magical fun for yourself! Boo!

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