Peak Shift: Biggest Woman on Campus COMIC


It’s been a few years since the last growth incident where Jayne practically destroyed her school. Surely college has matured her?

Matt and Lana prepare for a grant proposal the same night as Jayne goes to an orientation party. They’re both in for more than they asked for when the drug gets itself into the general student body. Soon Jayne’s roommates are expanding beyond the frat house in a sexual frenzy to be the biggest. It’s up to Lana again, to fix the problem Jayne created. She’ll try not to enjoy herself too much as she shows these girls how a real woman grows.


A Giantess Club all-time classic, Peak Shift, returns with the original author, Malenkaya, at the helm. The story is a nice balance between Jayne’s antics at a frat party and the more mature, Lana’s growth during a grant review. Both women let their imaginations run wild with their growth, and we are treated to butt expansion, giantesses (up to 50 feet for this chapter), and plenty of breast growth. Competition gets the best of all the girls as they struggle to see who will be the biggest woman on campus. Be sure to like and review and check the previous series if you haven’t already:

Peak Shift
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  1. Awesome, chapter 4 is wonderful, I want to see all milfs in that city or even in the world using the serum and they become huge and thick, milfs and moms become the biggest and the hottest everywhere and girls never can grow like them!
    The growing teacher is so hot, I wish to see student’s moms growing huge too and they become the biggest in each family and place 😉
    Thanks for the lovely comics!

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