Peak Shift Bundle COMIC


From Matthew and Lana to Shauna and Valery. Dig deep into the Peak Shift Universe. And remember, every growth comes with a challenge and a price.

This bundle includes 160 FULL COLORED PAGES + 3 COVERS (120 PUBLISHED + 40 UPCOMING PAGES).


Peak Shift:

The scene shifts from Matthew and Lana onto Lana’s younger sister, who has mistakenly taken the entire bowl of the growth prototype to her college science symposium. While initially she’s unwelcome, the prototype quickly turns the situation around.

Peak Shift: Mad House:

Four twenty-something strangers find themselves captives of a cruel game focused around the acquisition of growth-producing serum. Personalities clash as the growing begins. Every growth comes with a challenge and a price. While Shauna runs off on her own, and Valery hides in the corner, Everett and Kim find themselves in the first of many traps.

Peak Shift: Biggest Woman on Campus:

A Giantess Club all-time classic, Peak Shift, returns with the original author, Malenkaya, at the helm. The story is a nice balance between Jayne’s antics at a frat party and the more mature, Lana’s growth during a grant review. Both women let their imaginations run wild with their growth, and we are treated to butt expansion, giantesses (up to 50 feet for this chapter), and plenty of breast growth. Competition gets the best of all the girls as they struggle to see who will be the biggest woman on campus. Be sure to like and review and check the previous series if you haven’t already:

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