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Growth Studies: Penelope Estrada COMIC


The growth studies continue, this time is Penelope’s turn. A police officer on her way home after a long day of duty gets hit by the iconic and mysterious growth ray from the skies. Immediately, she starts growing out of control, ripping all of her clothes and causing a traffic jam on the highway. There’s no way to stop this Latina giantess from pleasuring herself.


Growth Studies is back and better than ever. The classic series of One-Shots comes back alive thanks to the great Shoshanna P. which brings a simple, yet great chapter full of giantess growth and plenty of fluids to go around. Read this new case of growth studies where the subject is a Latina police officer. Massive tits, massive feet, massive girl, tons of breast milk and tiny little men trying to escape the hungry horny giantess. Check out this story now and be sure to like and comment!

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