One Size Fits All

A last ditch effort to raise stock value by selling clothing made from exotic Amazon fabrics raises something entirely different.


Harrison Aimes is the VP of marketing and purchasing for Cullens Clothing, a generations old clothing chain that is suffering hard times due in part to Harrison’s botched planning. His last ditch effort to save both the company and his job might just cause the biggest blunder in the fashion world as more than just wardrobe malfunctions happen. His idea is to have the image and profits rise by going green, Amazon green. He has found a rare fabric made only by a remote tribe on the Amazon river and has arranged for Cullens Clothing to be the only store in the world to offer Amazon Green, clothing of all styles made using this fabric. He sends his long time buddy and fellow employee Ken Sanders to sign the papers and meet the Chief of this tribe in person but it doesn’t take long for Ken to see something that makes him second guess the fabric and Harrison’s decision. A rarely seen ceremony and some incredible growth brought on by wearing just a fraction of the fabric most women would wear is where it begins but by the end, things will be looking up for customers of Cullens Clothing but things certainly won’t be looking up for Harrison Aimes.

Official Publisher's Review

One Size fits All is a story that begins simply enough and takes the reader on a roller coaster ride through exotic locations with characters the reader can’t help but enjoy for the humor and real world attitude to the bizarre and unusual. From the lead character Harrison Aimes who is of course the bumbling yet self-absorbed man to tip that first domino that sets the entire tale in motion to Ken Sanders, the walked on common man who finally finds himself empowered and rising to the hero of the story in some sorts. The locations are varied from the busy life of New York City to the unseen exotic lost world of the Amazon where creatures both supple and scary grow to giant heights and sizes before the reader’s eyes. This is a typical Kris P. Kreme tale at heart but still manages to take readers on a new and fresh journey into both the legend of how Amazon women grow so tall and the twist of modern business taking that legend and perverting it for a buck resulting in chaotic and random growth among a wide assortment of characters, everyone from mothers and friends to nuns and college coeds. One Size fits All is a story that fits all readers.

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