Where Dreams Come True Comic

Where Dreams Come True

Fantasy and reality begin to merge for one very petite college girl when she visits a theme park.


Fiona has always been the one overlooked in a crowd, the girl who never topped five feet and often is mistaken for someone younger. While on the outside she remains sweet and calm, never letting bullies get to her, nor letting frustrations bring her down, on the inside she has constant daydreams of putting people in their place, of literally rising up no matter the occasion and unleashing hell on those who cause her even the slightest suffering or annoyance. Fee-Fi-ona is her name for the alternate her, the her that is overly confident, unafraid to speak her mind, and capable of handling any situation merely by sizing herself up to the task. In her dreams she is powerful and tall, whether merely six feet or as tall as mountains, Fiona knows that nothing is impossible in dreams. Long ago her grandma told her that dreams can come true and when she gets the invitation to go along with her parents to a third rate imitation of a popular theme park, she might just end up finding out how right grandma was. What begins as fantasy, pure mini-adventures in Fiona’s head, escalates into a struggle between what is real and what isn’t, all this beginning after an accident aboard an appropriately named ride. Will Fiona find all her dreams coming true or will her dreams become nightmares?

Official Publisher's Review

It’s a unique perspective of the giantess fetish, as narrated by a small girl with big ambitions and a definite inner giantess fetish herself. The author brings us a character named Fiona who while small and meek, has daydreams which take her through every giantess scenario possible, from simply being the tall and sexy Amazon who all the guys want to being the hulking giant that rampages the city and gets justice for a wrong done to her. In Fiona’s fantasies and dreams, all these seem very real, and very satisfying. However, they are never real and Fiona is fully aware of that fact. College life has been miserable do to a character that seemed to follow her along, the standard perfect blonde, the cheerleader, the anti-Fiona. In this story she is more a flat character, there to provide the first drop of a domino in the plot that pushes Fiona to ending up at Mental World Theme Park, a cheap imitation of the popular parks but one that seems to have put some thought into their rides, even if the thought seems to be purely copying other places. Kris P. Kreme provides a unique internal look at Fiona as the entire story is narrated by her, told from a future perspective looking back, proving in this case that sometimes hindsight is 20 20 feet tall.

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