Cupid Academy COMIC


Being a Cupid Fairy isn’t as easy as people think. It takes a lot of training and skill to make people fall in love. So in order to hone their skills, many up-and-coming fairies attend Cupid Academy, overseen by experienced professors who are determined to teach the next generation of love spreaders. But not every student is a prime candidate, and some need a little more help than others. It’s necessary to take these students aside after class for some “one on one” tutoring, making sure they don’t fall behind in their lessons and giving them undivided attention. For Pixie, she’ll have to learn that it’s sometimes more useful to focus on passion rather than theory. She needs to learn how to let go and roll with the punches, and that type of lesson demands a more sensitive approach from her professor. It’s tutoring at its best.


Happy Valentine’s Day from BotComics! It’s the most romantic day of the year, so why not celebrate with some good old fashioned breast expansion? After all, who doesn’t love a gigantic pair of swelling boobs? Join us in this special holiday-themed issue as we follow along with Pixie; a naive Cupid-in-training, determined to do her best, but lacking the natural talent and skill to pass her classes. It takes some hands-on tutoring from her professor to help her achieve her goals, making them both grow bigger in the process. So break out the wine, dish out the chocolate, and crank up the smooth jazz– BotComics has got your romantic evening covered. We love you!

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