A New Owner

Elise is turned into a hucow to pay her debts. Now she has a new owner.


Elise sold herself into slavery to pay back what was owed to the space mafia (it was that or death). Given the choice of being hucow or a bimbo, she chose hucow. Spending time in a combined milking facility before being purchased, she is surprised at how nicely she’s treated by the new owner, Jenna. Given drugs that make her have multiple and larger breasts, more milk, Elise starts becoming attracted to her owner.

Official Publisher's Review

Fahzbehn’s latest comic is his first stab at a sci-fi based story in many years. It’s a cute story about getting in too deep and finding happiness where someone least expects it. While not as heavy on sex as some of Fahzbehn’s stories, the growth and lactation are steady throughout the story, which will surely leave you thirsty for more!  This sweet tale will have you mooing in joy.

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