Bigous Boobsous

Malcolm Mitchell finds out his toy magic wand has very real powers... though he still just thinks it's a toy.


Malcolm Mitchell is a kid with problems, not the least of which is an overbearing sister who is supposed to act as his mom when Mom is out of town. She’s eighteen and obsessed with her own interests, interests like her friends and her boyfriend, the older Cade, who really only has one thing on his mind. It was supposed to be a weekend at home, Mom out of town and Savannah playing the mom. Of course Savannah goes on a tirade all because she can’t spend time with her friends in the park and has to babysit. She kicks Malcolm out of the house telling him to play in the yard but as she throws his silly magic wand toy out at him everything takes a turn. The wand pops open on one end and an ancient looking slip of paper falls out. This paper instructs how to change anything using this wand. Unfortunately after trying it, Malcolm realizes it probably was a joke and the wand is just a toy. That doesn’t stop him from going on a walk, angry at Savannah, blowing off steam. Even if he’s kidding around when he uses the wand against some people who annoy him, Malcolm doesn’t seem to notice just how well it works after he walks away. In the end Savannah will get exactly what was coming to her and even Cade might get what he always wanted as karma seems to find the older Mitchell sibling quite quickly.

Official Publisher's Review

Bigous Boobsous even from the title is a silly little romp, a quick tale from Kris P. Kreme, bringing the traditional Kreme style of humor and hotness, with a fresh perspective and enjoyable characters. The basic question it all springs from is, what if an imaginative kid with a toy found out the toy was real? It all begins with Malcolm Mitchell, a teenager who has emotional and development issues and so needs a bit more watching after. That introduces his eighteen year old sister, a girl purely devoted to one thing, herself. Savannah is not being the mom, a role that Malcolm says Mom told her to be when she was out of town. Instead Savannah pushes Malcolm outside, tossing his toy wand that his mother gave him out after him. The wand ends up being the catalyst for everything that happens. The story takes Malcolm on a journey where he really seems unaware of consequences as he plays around with the wand and uses the secret instructions that happened to be rolled up on a slip of paper in the tip of it. The unlikable Savannah gets ironic justice in the very end, her friends even get a bit of larger than life justice themselves for being just like her. The characters Malcolm encounters vary from the completely likable and rather silly to the unlikable or just selfish and most everyone gets what is coming to them in the end thanks to a magic wand that is thought to be a toy.

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